The Lies we are Told: The Truth we must Hold

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I highly recommend this work!
John MacArthur
Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California
Sharon James puts God where He ought to be – at the centre of the universe – and shows the implications of this for human beings and for the whole world and its future. The panoramic view is breathtaking! It is like standing on the sun and seeing all the planets in the solar system going around in beautiful symmetry. The confusion turns to picturesque order. Everything begins to make sense – personal, family, work, and national life. Instead of being left in a state of confusion and despair, this worldview leaves you with hope in the Lord Jesus. I am grateful for this book and pray that it will bless many readers!
Conrad Mbewe
Founding Chancellor
African Christian University, Zambia and Pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church, Lusaka
This is a remarkable book. Sharon brings the skills of a trained historian to the task of explaining what has gone so terribly wrong in society today. Her analysis is consistently fascinating, insightful, and filled with biblical wisdom. Her book concludes with a call for Christians to courageously proclaim the truths about God and His creation that will overcome the destructive lies so influential in modern thinking. Highly recommended!
Wayne Grudem
Distinguished Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies
Phoenix Seminary, Arizona
In this book Sharon James achieves a remarkable feat: she addresses the lies that our culture currently exalts as truth and does so in such a way that crosses the generational divide and will be helpful both to young people and those who wish to understand them and help them think through the deepest challenges of our day.
Carl R Truman
Grove City College, Pennsylvania; Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center, DC