Sharon is an author, conference speaker, and Social Policy Analyst for The Christian Institute.

She grew up in Sussex, England where her father, Erroll Hulse was pastor of Cuckfield Baptist Chapel for 23 years. She studied history at Cambridge University, where she met her husband Bill. Sharon taught history in several schools in both England and Malawi. Bill had studied chemical engineering, and spent a number of years working in the pharmaceutical industry. Bill and Sharon married in 1986. They studied together at Toronto Baptist Seminary for three years, both taking the Master of Divinity degree. On return to the UK, Bill became pastor of Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Leamington Spa, for 26 years. Sharon set up a women’s ministry team at Emmanuel, and then helped establish the FIEC women’s ministry team. During these years she wrote several books and travelled widely as a conference speaker, to Europe, the middle East, North America and Asia. Sharon studied for a PhD in government family policy (Spurgeon’s College London and The University of Wales). She served as a spokesperson for The Coalition for Marriage (2012-2014) before taking on the role of Social Policy Analyst with The Christian Institute (2014 to the present). She now lives in London, where Bill is Principal of London Seminary. They have two grown up children and eight grandchildren.