The Dawn of Heaven Breaks

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Our age lives for the present. Christians look forward to the future. Our age exalts youth. God calls us to respect the elderly. Our age idolizes health. The Bible says that despite illness now, we will have glorified bodies in the new heavens and the new earth. Our age fears death. For Christians, it is the entrance to the immediate presence of Christ. This beautifully presented anthology gathers together some of the hymns and Bible passages that have been of most comfort to those who are facing illness, aging and death. It also includes quotations from well-loved preachers and authors. As with any anthology, you can dip in and out and read just a section at a time.

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This is an outstanding collection of Scripture passages, hymns, and short historical narratives, all of which will stir up our hearts to hope more eagerly for heaven and to long to be in the manifest presence of the Lord. The book is permeated with deep reverence for God. It would be an excellent gift to give to anyone facing declining health, but it’s also a great read for any other believer as well. It will touch your heart!
Wayne Grudem
Distinguished Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies
Phoenix Seminary, Arizona
This beautifully produced book addresses such subjects as illness, aging, facing death and eternity. The quotations Sharon James has chosen combine tenderness with boldness, and make appropriate reading for Christians of any age as they face times of illness and especially for those coping with the fear of death or the anxiety of losing those they have loved.
Faith Cook