Children on the front line in gender battle

THE animals went in two by two. Or did they? The account of Noah’s Ark didn’t sit well in Judith Lorber’s ideal ‘gender-free’ world. If Martin Luther King wanted his children to experience racial equality, she dreamed of a future where there would be ‘gender equality’:

When we no longer ask ‘boy or girl?’ in order to start gendering an infant, when the information is as irrelevant as the color of a child’s eyes . . . only then will men and women be socially interchangeable and really equal. And when that happens there will no longer be any need for gender at all.[1]Quoted in Greer, G, The Whole Woman. Doubleday, 1999, page 324

That’s why, in 1986, Judith Lorber wrote ‘Dismantling Noah’s Ark’.[2]Lorber, J, ‘Dismantling Noah’s Ark’, Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, volume 14, Issue 11-12, June 1986, pages 567-580 This article argued that:

  • Gender is a social construct;
  • What is constructed can be deconstructed;
  • A modern social order is possible without gender.

Thirty-four years ago most people regarded such ideas as far-fetched, if not insane. But today around twenty nations have passed laws affirming the ‘right’ to ‘change sex’, including Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Malta, Norway, Spain, the United Kingdom, Uruguay and Vietnam. In such countries, a man may legally take a female name and be treated for all legal purposes as a woman, or vice versa. He may be given a new birth certificate. In some of these countries, there is no requirement for such a person to undergo any medical treatment such as hormonal treatment or surgical ‘reassignment’. A physically normal man may demand access to women-only facilities such as swimming pool changing areas or public toilets if he ‘identifies’ as female.

Many assume that these laws are simply being passed in order to protect a tiny minority of troubled people from unfair discrimination. They think they can ignore what is going on as it will affect only a very few. Some well-meaning people say that it’s at best insensitive and at worst cruel to speak out strongly about this issue as it will upset and offend these troubled people.

It is true that many of the people who are most troubled are not deliberately setting out to promote this ideology. They are victims of it. If we ignore the issue and remain silent, the number of these victims will only increase. The more gender ideology is promoted, the more confusion is caused.

This matters to you, because activists are getting this message out to children by means of ‘comprehensive sexuality education’. Many children are taught that ‘binary is bad’ and ‘gender is fluid’. They are told they have the ‘human right’ to express their own ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’.

Our children are on the front line!

We need to understand what they are being taught. And we need to understand why gender ideology is dangerous and wrong.

Gender Ideology: What Do Christians Need to Know? explains in simple terms what is going on and how you can respond. It will help you become more confident in the truth that we have been created male or female. And it will equip you to protect the next generation from believing lies that lead to lasting physical and emotional harm.

And yes, you can still teach your children that the animals went in two by two!

1 Quoted in Greer, G, The Whole Woman. Doubleday, 1999, page 324
2 Lorber, J, ‘Dismantling Noah’s Ark’, Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, volume 14, Issue 11-12, June 1986, pages 567-580