Some recent endorsements:

In the current chaos that is Western culture those teachers are rare and valuable who are able to take a wider view of what is developing, to connect the various strands of the apparent moral anarchy around us, and see how these can be addressed in a manner that is consistent with a biblical way of thinking while also clear and comprehensible to the lay person. Sharon James has an impressive track record of being precisely such a person.
Carl R Truman, Professor, Grove City College, Pennsylvania
The church owes Sharon James a great debt of thanks for the way she has worked through issue after issue in order to illustrate how Jesus is the rock and the world is sinking sand.
Rico Tice, All Souls, London
Sharon James’s perspective as a historian and her diligence as an analyst of culture make everything she writes important. But her convictions as a Christian historian and analyst makes everything she writes invaluable.
Ben Virgo, Christian Heritage, London
Sharon James is a clear writer who reads the culture through the lens of Scripture rather than reading the Scriptures through the lens of the culture.
David Robertson, Christian pastor and apologist

Four Women who Lived for God