A Student’s Guide to Worldview

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I wrote this book to help young people to understand that the biblical worldview is the only firm basis for respecting the dignity of every human being. It’s also the only firm foundation for social flourishing. As Christians we don’t need to be scared into silence! We can be confident that we have good news to share; good news for all people, in an increasingly divided world.

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With simplicity and clarity, Sharon James shows us the vital difference that the Christian faith and its worldview makes in people’s lives. In so doing, she turns upside down the caricature of Christianity as a religion of hate, anxiety, and oppression. Instead, she shows from the Bible and the experience of many that Christian faith works through love, guards the heart with divine peace, and motivates right and compassionate action. Highly recommended!
Joel R. Beeke
Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan
‘Track: Worldview’ is an outstanding example of what it means to understand deeply in order to explain simply. The church owes Sharon James a great debt of thanks for the way she has worked through issue after issue in order to illustrate how Jesus is the rock and the world is sinking sand. Speaking personally, this resource has already been a great help, as I struggle away trying to teach my growing kids the faith at the breakfast table. Sharon has even put the key words I need in bold!
Rico Tice
Author, Christianity Explored & Associate Minister
All Souls Church, London
Sharon James is a clear writer who reads the culture through the lens of Scripture rather than reading the Scriptures through the lens of the culture. Her ‘Worldview’ contribution to the Track series is an excellent summary and introduction of some of the major cultural issues affecting the church today. The beauty of this little book is that it looks at these cultural issues with a clear personal application – after all, who is not interested in dignity, joy, purpose, suffering, God’s kindness, salvation, love, security, truth and fulfilment? It’s a lovely balanced and helpful book.
David Robertson
Well–known pastor and apologist
Sharon James’s perspective as an historian and her diligence as an analyst of culture make everything that she writes important. But her conviction as a Christian historian and analyst makes everything she writes invaluable. Read this book to find truth, how it has changed the world, and how it has been embodied in a man who is the hope of the world.
Ben Virgo
Christian Heritage London